NSP DC Surf Pro EP SUP - 8'2

NSP DC Surf Pro EP SUP - 8'2


The NSP DC Surf Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) range has been developed by Dale Chapman for over 8 years. A novel piece of Trivia here is that Dale rode the first wave in the first heat of the first ever SUP surfing contest ever in Australia. With his professional surfing background Dale has been a contender at every Australian SUP titles since, has featured in videos and made boards for the best SUP surfers in the country.
The NSP DC Surf Range is a reflection of his current boards and is designed for the SUP surfer looking for shortboard inspired performance. The outlines, rockers and bottom curves are all tuned to maximise performance with the assistance of a paddle.

All boards feature an extended concave towards the nose feeding into a double concave through the tail. This design provides the ultimate amount of stability, lift, flow and glide to get you into waves early and with ridiculous speed and limitless options on the wave.


Approx board weight: 8kg
29.5" x 4"


Region Amount
Australia $150.00
International $0.00
North Island, New Zealand $20.00
South Island, New Zealand $15.00
Collect In-store $0.00

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