NSP DC Elements Race SUP - 14' x 26

NSP DC Elements Race SUP - 14' x 26


Designed to be at the front of the apck of the popular 12'6 race class the Surf Race rance from Stand to Pro modes has great flatwater speed and amazing stability and control in buoy turns, in and out of the surf and ocean conditions. These boards are also proven downwind ocean preformers making the DC designed 12'6 one of the most versatile boards ever made. The 12'6 Surf Race pro is designed by Travis Grant.

Elements construction is no-nonsene board that won't break the bank and that is stronger than many other constructions. EPS Securecell at the core with a durable yet supremely lightweight vacuum molded Epozy Fibre sandwich shell. Unique matte finish and polished rails, the striking solid colours will ignite your SUP passion.


Region Amount
Australia $150.00
International $0.00
North Island, New Zealand $15.00
South Island, New Zealand $15.00
Collect In-store $0.00

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