Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Lenses. All Colours

Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Lenses. All Colours


Different lenses suit different light conditions. The (VLT) Visual Light Transmission Guide should help you to pick.

Please note that different lenses will vary in price

Oakley Lenses:


Clear 90% VLT  (Visual Light Transmission)
Hi Intensity Yellow 81% VLT
Hi Intensity Persimmon 63% VLT
Persimmon 62% VLT
Pink Iridium 41% VLT
G30 30% VLT
Blue Iridium 30% VLT
VR28 28% VLT
Gold Iridium 20% VLT
Black Iridium 18% VLT
Fire Iridium 16% VLT
VR28 Black Iridium 15% VLT
Grey 17% VLT
Emerald Iridium 11% VLT
HI Amber Polarised 25% VLT
Grey Polarised 21% VLT
Fire Iridium Polarised 19% VLT

All Oakley lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB & UVC protection and exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact test standards


Region Amount
Australia $12.00
International $0.00
North Island, New Zealand $5.00
South Island, New Zealand $5.00
Collect In-store $0.00

For international shipping please contact us.


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