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In a world where mediocrity reigns and corporate boardrooms dictate youth culture, Unit embodies a spirit of resistance. Some say life is not as it seems, that all matter is merely condensed energy moving in vibration, one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. Everything and everywhere. Motocross, BMX and MTB represent the apex of man and machine, perhaps the frontline of change.

Paul (the brain-child of Unit) was given two talents in life: the love of 'art' and the love of 'riding'. Living on the Gold Coast, Australia, in 2002 he looked for a way where he could combine his skills into one distinct entity … enter 'Unit'.

Starting out in his parents' garage, he teamed up with his younger brother Ian. The two pooled together $600 start-up capital and bought a screen printing carousel.

The brothers hustled their way up and down the east coast of Australia selling a handful of different tees from the boot of their car. The edgy and fresh designs on the Unit threads were an instant hit with store owners and fellow riders. Within a few months some of the best pros in the moto and BMX industries were supporting the Unit movement.

That's the genius behind Unit - it has always focused on edgy and fresh design.

Today, Unit is supported by some of the best motocrossers, BMXers, mountain-bikers and musicians in the world.

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