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Spacecraft was conceived when a photograph of a snow cat was taken by Stefan Hofmann at the base of a backcountry run. At the time Stefan was attending art school living on the couch of a sculpture studio, putting in late nights and early mornings at the mountain. " I became fascinated with the idea that an object could contain intrinsic value, over time it became a symbol of our collective and profound experiences there, I wanted to use this image as a way of bringing these ideas and experiences to the city" what began as an exercise in the exploration of the conceptual quickly became an icon. The snow cat was transformed into a label attached to all of Stefan's art projects which allowed projects from sculpture to stickers to fall under the cat moniker.

During this time Stefan was awarded a grant to study photography and travel in Asia. After wandering the lands of Asia from the streets of Katmandu to the remote islands of Sumba, Stefan found his way to Bali where he discovered that he could work with many small family run studios to create amazing things.
The second part of the story started when Stefan Hofmann met Sarah O'Brien Parker. Sarah had also studied art but eventually the mystique of studying culture and language led her through multiple winters of travel in Central America and Asia which she financed by working summers on fishing boats in her home state of Alaska. When Stefan returned to Washington with his first 100 beanies the idea of creating a company was started on the dream of having a business that allowed you to spend winters in the snow in the Cascades to the rest of the year in Asia creating unique product, traveling and surfing.

Spacecraft got its name in a taxi in Bangkok. We were down to the wire and about to meet with a vendor and after an entire winter season of selling beanies with the no name and a snow cat logo we found ourselves back in Asia and we needed a name. Since then Spacecraft has worked with multiple small vendors in Asia by financing their own growth and paying fair wages. From one small business in Chinatown of Bangkok to the mountains of Bali we've established working relationships with people we consider family. Beanies are our featured product and the majority of them are made in a co-op type situation where the people knit them in their homes in the mountains. It's as idyllic as it sounds.
Spacecraft is a vehicle for art and cultural interactions, we use graphics pushed onto innovative cut and sew clothing and accessories, we mobilize design through the production of tons of stickers in over 200 designs a year; the work is a conscious communication to insight change. We show in galleries and work on collaborations around the world, the art is first and we take care of our people, make a difference support a movement that is more than a brand.

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