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Red Paddle Co was founded in 2007 after we had spent time paddling all types of boards in all types of conditions. We haven’t just jumped on a bandwagon after seeing how popular the sport was becoming. We were paddlers ?rst before we started Red Paddle Co and are still paddlers now. With an increasing number of copycat brands in both the hard and in?atable market place the choice for the customer is endless.

At Red Paddle Co we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that everyone who wants to paddle board should be able to, regardless of transport or storage constraints. We believe that buying an inflatable board should not be a compromise. In fact we believe more people will own an inflatable board than a hard board in the years to come.

If you live in a city apartment or choose to walk to the water rather than drive, you should have access to great equipment without compromising on performance, looks or quality.

That was our vision from day 1. What an amazing ride it has been so far. We’ve learnt a lot, we’ve made mistakes, we’ve made discoveries but most of all we have enjoyed every second of it. The fact that SUP has grown in this time is just fantastic. Even if it hadn’t, we would still be out there paddling and having a lot of fun and that is why we do what we do – we love SUP.

The new Red Paddle Co range of products are built to deliver the very highest level of inflatable board performance. They are incredibly stiff, can withstand high pressures and are more portable than ever. Without doubt they are the best boards we have ever built.

We have focused on what matters most with inflatable boards – stiffness, inflation pressures and transportation. We only make inflatable boards.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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