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POW Gloves is committed to producing the finest performing hand-wear for the activities we love. Based in Seattle, Washington, POW is a global glove-specific brand with products for winter sports, biking/cycling, and golf. POW is one of the fastest growing glove brands with distribution in over 37 countries worldwide.
The company was founded in 2002 by Dustin Goss and has emerged into a rapidly developing brand focused on quality hand-wear. Currently POW produces a broad range of unique gloves with an expanded lineup for 2011-12 that includes GORE-TEX® products. POW also has OEM and SMU capabilities and manufactures gloves for several well-known brands.

POW materialized in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Borne out of a love of outdoor activities combined with a design-driven passion for making better product than we could get our hands on, POW has remained true to its mantra of Built to Last.

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