OOTZ was launched in 2011 by a group of snowboarders in Melbourne who dig the tall styling. They searched globally to get their hands on tall tees & hoodies but never managed to find what they wanted. OOTZ is the result of their vision of fashion on the snow, incorporating bright colours in colour block designs. This became their signature style.

OOTZ is designed for skiers & snowboarders who along with their passion for the sport have a desire to look steezy when they ride. OOTZ hoodies are designed to suit both the novice and the pro. The wide range of colour and sizes enables the wearer to choose a style that could be worn all year round. Whether it is skiing/ snowboarding/ skate boarding or just chillaxin’ on the couch.

Each season OOTZ will focus on different projects. Winter 12 range were all locally designed, sourced and ‘Made in Australia’ to support the local industry in Australia.

For Winter 13 OOTZ focuses on more technically advanced ideas. New fabrication called ‘Hydro Fleece’ that does not absorb water as quickly as a normal fleece. New pocketing details to secure valuables, detachable facemask for coverage during colder/ harsher weather.

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