Mini Logo


Militant About Skateboarding


mil·i·tant: aggressive or vigorous, especially in the support of a cause.

Mini Logo is militant about raw, pure skateboarding. This is where the MILITANT movement is coming from. It will not be blown out with crazy marketing or thrown in your face with magazine ads because that is not what the movement is about. It's about D.I.Y. skateboarding. Mini Logo utilizes 36 years of Skate One product development knowledge. We offer the best product at the best price possible, while bringing those people together that skate just to have FUN!

Mini Logo doesn’t sponsor skaters, but there are now numerous Official MILITANTs around the country that are down to ride Mini Logo, hype up the product and promote the movement. It's time for a new grass roots presence in skateboarding and the MILITANT movement reminds us why we skate in the first place. The word is spreading...check out the Facebook pages to see what the buzz is all about!

Support pure skateboarding, support the Official MILITANTs, support Mini Logo and GET MILITANT!


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