Born out of necessity

Tired of getting all cold while riding? Tired of those dull black or navy base layers out there? Tired of carrying loads of stuff on your adventures?

That’s what Eivy founder and designer Anna Vister was when doing a season of snowboarding in St Anton, Austria, back in the day. When she got home she got down to business, creating base layers feeling and looking so fresh that the babes wear them not only while riding but also to the the après-ski, working out, travelling, chillin’ at home and even to the club feeling and looking fresher than ever!

With unique functions such as fleece lined neck warmers and hoodies that you can pull up during cold weather, the base layers makes your riding even more awesome, especially on those Ice Cold days…

Our multifunctional base layers and matching pieces gets you packing light and feeling right wherever you go, and whatever adventure you are up to.

Based in the mountain resort Åre, Sweden, we design, develop and test our products and encourage girls to ride, travel, go on adventures and live their life to the fullest.

Are you onboard?

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