CandyGrind was born from necessity. As riders who spent nearly every day on the snow, we struggled to find products that met our needs. So we started making our own. After snowboarding with friends by day, we designed products in our living room by night. In 2007, we transformed our sketches into a small line of apparel. Friends and fellow riders soon turned to us for products driven by purpose and design.

Through the years, our focus has expanded to better meet the needs of our lifestyle. We no longer hibernate when the snow melts, but instead offer products for every season. And each of these products tells a story. It's a story lived with friends and shaped by cookouts, skate sessions, and chairlift conversations. Yet the story is not just ours—it's one we share with others committed to living creatively. We no longer store fabric samples next to our cereal, but we haven't forgotten our roots. We will always be committed to crafting excellent products.

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