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Bonfire Snowboarding began in Huntington Beach, California in 1989, with the creation of three unique t-shirts by Pro Snowboarder and industry pioneer, Brad Steward. The first shirt featured the word ‘bonfire’ enlarged in a rough copy, directly from an old Sears brand typewriter.

In 1992 and with new headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Bonfire debuted their outerwear line during the summer season at Mt. Hood. Bonfire products were given to top Pros of the day, and with the riders’ support, Bonfire quickly grew beyond the summer camps and become one of the leading apparel companies on the market. The original Bonfire team consisted of Matt Goodwill, Jim Moran, Todd Franzen, Matt Donahue, Mark Hibdon, and Noah Brandon.

In 1993, Bonfire hosted their first annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe contest at Windells Snowboard Camp, which has since become the longest running summer snowboard event in the world.

In December 1995 Bonfire was acquired by Salomon, which acted as a financial backer and allowed Bonfire to continue to grow. A full team of designers and product developers were added, and Bonfire Europe was established.

In 2000 Brad Steward left his active role at Bonfire to pursue his interest in film. In 2003, after directing commercials, music videos and more, Steward returned to a more active role at Bonfire, which he maintains today as Marketing Director.

Now in its 21st season, Bonfire remains an active, eclectic and independent brand straight from the slopes, rails, parks and people that make Mt. Hood a place that snowboarding calls home.

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