Bandit began circa 2007 in Wanaka, New Zealand.  Our aim is to provide you with comfortable, colorful, & creative armor for the elements.  Here are some of our products.  Enjoy.
Bandit bandana….

Each Bandit bandana consists of an inner micro-fleece lined cloth, a convenient rear velcro fastener, and a one size fits all form fitting facial design. The exterior is made of a variety of unique materials, patterns, and colors endless to suit everyone’s distinct tastes.

Micro Fleece - A soft plush comfortable fleece gently caresses your grill allowing your face to remain warm and dry while the outside layer is busy combating the sun, the cold, the wet, and the harsh heinous wind.

Velcro Fastened - Bandit bandanas use Industrial Strength VELCRO. Its benefits include remarkably less hassle when exposed to your hair and clothes. Plus on those cold and windy chair lift rides, you being forced a sucker to the elements can easily adjust a bandit with even the thickest fattest gloves.

Fit - Designed thoughtfully to fit all of us, bandit bandanas wrap comfortably around your neck not only completely masking you nose to sternum but the back of your neck as well, keeping that last bit of exposed skin covered. Tuck it in jacket to goggles for a total facial shield.

Limited Runs - The Bandit Hideout brings you a constant flow of new and delicious flavors. Each individual fabric design is specifically made in limited runs. So get them while you can quickly new ones will always be coming, allowing you to suit any of your winter weather wear.

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