Yuki Threads - Why they give a shit


We’ve transitioned to a new manufacturer, an industry leader within responsible manufacturing due to their high environmental and ethical standards they uphold. They partner with a cooperative for their premium organic cotton who supports small and marginalised farmers. Within the factory they’ve got an amazing employee package ft healthcare, paid holiday leave, skill development programs and way, way more. The factory is 10-20% powered by hydro, and they have a fabric consumption rate of 92%, with the scraps recycled into paper, which is what our swing tags are made out of!

We’re also now proud partners of 1% For the Planet. We donate 1% of all sales- not just profit,- to environmental grassroots organisations of our choosing, as a self imposed environmental tax. This has a real impact and is our way of giving back and offsetting the impact Yuki has on the environment. Learn more www.onepercentfortheplanet.org

Conventional cotton uses 24% of pesticides and 11% of insecticides worldwide. The impact of these toxic chemicals is far reaching, affecting not only the farmers who have direct contact with these chemicals, but also their families and communities whose waterways can be polluted. Not to mention that these chemicals are ingrained in the fibre, and also can affect the wearer’s skin.

Posted 25 June 2017

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