You buy a board, we plant a tree

For every board that we sell from now on, we will plant a native New Zealand tree. Whether you're buying a kid's skateboard or investing in a premium splitboard. This will help to offset our collective environmental impact as well as reforesting our beautiful country.

We will be working with OneTreePlanted. Here is what they have to say:

New Zealand is home to unique forest ecosystems, including kauri forests, kahikatea swamp forests, pōhutukawa forests and mixed broadleaved forests. These support a diverse flora and fauna that evolved in the almost complete absence of land mammals and are almost entirely made up of native bird species found nowhere else. However, native forests like these have suffered from centuries of logging, forest clearance and invasive species that have reduced them to a fraction of their former range. Your donation will help to plant thousands of trees to restore the island’s indigenous forests and create habitat for wildlife, while stabilising hillsides to prevent erosion and protect local watersheds.

Depending on the specific needs of each section of habitat being restored, native trees may include manuka, kahikatea, matae, miro, titoki and other indigenous species.

So, help us plant some trees in NZ. Purchase any kind of board from us, and you will be planting a tree: skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, wakeboard, hydrofoil, SUP, bodyboard.

Posted 29 April 2021

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