Splitboards NZ - Growing fast

Just like every year before the season kicks in we seem to spend a whole lot of time talking about people's new splitboard set-ups. We are quite happy about that, it's why we aim to be New Zealands leading splitboard store with the biggest range of splitboards, bindings and accessories from brands such as Jones, Arbor, Nitro, Burton, Spark, Voile and Karakoram.

Thgis year it is obviously a strange start to the season, with much less happening on the usual board front, understandable whilst we're still in lockdown, but the splitboard enquiries keep coming. It's great that so many people are embracing it and exploring further into the amazing splitboarding terrain that NZ has to offer. So keep your questions coming and we'll find the right set-up for you, and then keep you safe with the best backcountry and avalanche gear from people such as G3, BCA, Mammut, Jones and Black Diamond.

And unlike the meaningless slogan of another store, we'll actually see you out there!

Posted 29 April 2020

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