Plastic Bag Free

At NZ Shred, we have never bought plastic-based shops bags since Jase and I took over 7 years ago. We finally got through our old 'degradable' plastic then made a decision on which direction to go. We liked the idea of giving people a re-usable bag to collect their groceries in. However, there are so many of these in circulation, and they are resource intensive to produce that it may have the reverse effect of what we are trying to achieve. We went with recycled paer as the least damaging option.

It is a very small thing, but every little helps. Customers in store will always be asked 'Do you need a bag?' e are not trying to be patronising - just to ease our impact in every little way. For more on this check out our Environmental and Social Policy.

There are lots of our brands dong great things in this respect, lead by smaller companies such as I Ride Sideways and Yuki Threads, with some of the bigger ones such as Vissla and Burton doing good things. And of course we love our brands that started out with an anvironmental and social mission like Wewood and Proof.

Posted 28 September 2017

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