POW NZ November Climate Update


POW volunteers in Queenstown meet with Joseph Mooney, MP for Southland 

Kia Ora ALL,

It's a busy month for climate news! Here's a quick rundown of the updates: 

- COP26: There are heaps of big announcements from COP26 to share which we will do our best to summarise plus what is climate justice?

- Partner News: Exciting news about The North Face as new summit level partner and Goodbye x POW sustainable sunscreen

- Action Alert: Submissions for the Emissions Reductions Plan are open until Nov 24th

Read on for all this and more. 

COP26 Update

We're over half way through COP26. Remember this is the COP where countries are supposed to decide HOW they will reduce emissions. There's a lot been happening and in general POW is stoked with the direction in which we are trending. Progress over perfection. There have been heaps of things happening but here's a few highlights and articles we've found helpful. 

NZ has upped the anti and pledged to reduce it's emissions by 50%. This is an improvement but if you read the fineprint it's not quite as good as it sounds. Will New Zealand really reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030? 

NZ has signed up to the Global Methane Pledge. They join about 100 other countries. Yay! They now need to set some targets. 

World leaders have also agreed on a deal to end deforestation. 

Given we've been increasing our coal usage lately it's very good news to hear that NZ has pledged to phase out coal for electricity in next 10-20 years. That's more clean air for everyone! 

For a great COP26 summary and a reminder of why we need it to be a success this is a great read: ‘Our last, best hope’ at Cop26 | The Spinoff

A draft version of the final climate deal from the summit has been published and a hopefully will be finalised before COP 26 finishes later this week. We'll be back next month with a full wrap up of COP26 and where to from here.

We've got a new summit level partner! Welcome to The North Face. 

We are so stoked to announce we have partnered with The North Face! The North Face globally has been a key supporter of POW for many years and it's epic to now team up with them in New Zealand.

"We’re excited to partner with Protect Our Winters New Zealand, to add our voice to the collective pushing for climate action and to direct our energy to local initiatives where we can have the most impact. Climate change cannot be overcome through a solo effort, we look forward to joining the Protect Our Winters Alliance of athletes, scientists, creatives, outdoor brands, resorts and community leaders who share our vision to protect the places we love". - Sarah Hunt, Head of Marketing TNF Australia & NZ.

The North Face is a large and influential brand that creates connections within the outdoor community and we can't wait to see what we can achieve together. Check out TNF's climate statement here and an example of POW and TNF working together at COP26. . We'll also be sharing progress as we work to make local changes with TNF in NZ.

 As a large and influential brand that also connects the outdoor community it's exciting to see what we can achieve together. Check out TNF's climate statement here and an example of POW and TNF working together at COP26. . We'll also be sharing progress as we work to make local changes with TNF in NZ.

Action Alert! The Emissions Reduction Plan

The Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) will set out how New Zealand will meet its first emissions budget (2022-2025) and set the path towards meeting our long-term climate targets. It is a key step in the country's transition to a low emissions future.

Right now the government would like to know what you think should be included in the plan. Here's a quick video about why. 

We've summarised key points and have all the steps listed for you to make a submission. Please do so! Winter Needs us! 


What is climate justice?

A great analogy is to think about a house party. The house is the planet. A few rich kids (let's say about 10) host a party, they get it started and over the evening invite everyone along to join them (let's say about 90 more people). These same kids get pretty excited and start trashing the house, breaking windows, burning couches etc. The 10 kids who started the party and made the mess then go home early, leaving the 90 people then invited to clean up and pay for the mess. That's not fair is it? Read about the COP26 call to action on climate justice here. 


Posted 12 November 2021

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