Nitro Venture Pro Boot Review

GEAR REVIEW: Nitro Venture Pro TLS

By Keith Stubbs


Experienced riders love to tell you that boots should always hurt for a few days when you first wear them in.


I call bull****!


If your boots actually hurt your feet, then you’ve got a pair that simply doesn’t fit you properly, regardless if it’s day 1 or day 100.


Nitro boots have always been a great fit for my feet. They offer a .5 size variation, which only differs in width; e.g. 27.5 mondopoint (which is a Euro way of saying centimetres and is more commonly known as US 9.5) is the same length as a 27 MP but a little wider.


This suits my flipper feet perfectly and means I don’t have to cut holes in the liner to relieve those horrible pressure points. Yep… I’ve had to do that multiple times in the past.


Last year I switched up my boot selection and regretted the decision within days. So when the boys at NZ Shred offered me a gear review on the Nitro Venture Pros, it was like coming home to a warm fire after a few cold nights sleeping in a backcountry hut.


I’m now about 7 days in and the Venture Pros are going strong. Stronger than strong actually!


Here’s the lowdown…




Nitro rate this boot an 8 out of 10 on their “performance” scale, which I was a little surprised to see when I looked it up. Not that this is a soft boot by any means. It simply doesn’t feel rigid, which I really like. It feels like I can flex into my toeside with just the right blend of support and freedom. I’ve always gone for mid-flex boots personally but it’s nice to be riding something with a little more support without sacrificing the range of movement in my ankles.




Snug a bug… depending on the shape of your foot. If you’re like me and have a bit of girth to your trotters any Nitro boot will probably do you justice. Put in your own custom moulded insoles and it’s like stepping into warm jelly (because we all know what that feels like). I have a narrower heel than most people and the Venture Pros keep it held tight, with a shapely liner interior that loves to be close to my Achilles.




Nitro’s inner lacing system was a big step for them a few years back. It locks in easily and holds fast throughout the day. I’m stoked to see they haven’t tried to evolve this any further, because if ain’t broke…


The TLS exterior lacing system has some positives and negatives however. It’s super quick and easy, and distributes the pressure evenly over your foot with little effort. The negative is that it does pop out from time to time (about once a day for me), but it’s quick to do up again and most boots need to be re-tightened during a day of shredding, so this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.


The Vibram sole is a great addition and has already proven it’s worth with a short hike to the Treble Cone summit on opening day.




Nitro have never sacrificed on their boot manufacturing in my view. Every pair I’ve had has lasted a solid two or more seasons, racking up between 150 and 200 days on snow. The Venture Pro design lends itself to big days of riding and hiking, whether that’s in the pipe or the backcountry. Their only weakness is the laces, which can wear out over time. But that’s an easy replacement!




One of the best boots on the market for balance of price versus quality and durability – but only if they fit your feet!


Posted 25 June 2018

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