Jones 2019 Snowboards - Demo Days

The most anticipated gear is always what we have to wait longest for, but with Jones Snowboards its worth the wait.

They arrived fashionably late with a plenty of them already sold. Its been a great start to the 2018 winter season, and good to see so many more, and diverse people getting into splitboarding in Queenstown and Wanaka. As with previous years, 2019 Jones Solution has been our best seller, despit being on the higher end for pricing, but with it being the ultimate all-rounder its easy to see why - and the best graphic so far. I will be getting a new one next week.

We wil be out with the Jones demo fleet at Cardrona on 26th and 27th June and Remarks on 28th and 29th. Come out and take some premium boards for a ride.



Posted 18 June 2018

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