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What exactly is CrushIt4Climate, and how do I get involved?

We'll let these guys tell you what's up and show you the way.


Join us this March for CrushIt4Climate! Over the course of the next month, we want you to get outdoors as a collective reminder of the lifestyle and places we are trying to protect. As an added bonus: This March, we have some incredible prizes to give away as a special treat for getting outside. It's as easy as skiing down the bunny hill to get involved, here's how:

How To CrushIt4Climate:

  1. Sign up for the CrushIt4Climate challenge to ensure you're entered to win a badass prize.
  2. Create your own challenge or join someone else's, and push it further than you ever have before in the outdoors. Try running or ski touring further than ever or get as many new friends into the outdoors as possible. CrushIt4Climate is your oyster; get creative!
  3. Tell the world about your challenge and progress by tagging #CrushIt4Climate in your social media feeds.

The outdoors helps us feel whole. They provide solace and challenge us physically and mentally while fostering relationships between others who share a love for the natural world. Being outside is part of our lifestyle. At Protect Our Winters, we help safeguard those great escapes by connecting passionate outdoors people with innovative solutions to climate change and ways to advocate for their adoption. CrushIt4Climate is a great first step in advocating for your outdoor playgrounds and lifestyle.

Take that step and join us this March!


Protect Our Winters

Posted 2 March 2021

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