Plastic Bag Free

At NZ Shred, we have never bought plastic-based shops bags since Jase and I took over 7 years ago. We finally got through our old 'degradable' plastic then made a decision on which direction to go.
Posted 28 September 2017

Splitboarding in Palm Springs

Outward bound! Not a chairlift in sight. No crowds, hardly any noise. Just the natural sounds and sights of the backcountry and endless untracked lines to pick and choose from. Signal’s new splitboard is built for utility and performance. With performance in mind, we went with a blend of freeride freestyle geometry on this directional twin to give you the float, edge control and the ability to throw down when you need it
Posted 13 August 2017

Volcom's Floating Dock

“The Dock” is an exemplary piece of outlandish and strange antics we sometimes chase. It’s not that we want to… we have to. Breaking up the monotony of your daily videos cycling your feed to provide something different.
Posted 16 July 2017

Yuki Threads - Why they give a shit

RESPONSIBLE MANUFACTURING We’ve transitioned to a new manufacturer, an industry leader within responsible manufacturing due to their high environmental and ethical standards they uphold.
Posted 25 June 2017

POW - Policy agenda for this winter

Instead of fighting individual legislative battles for one regulation at a time, putting a price on carbon is comprehensive strategy to reduce emissions, mitigating climate change. It accounts for the actual cost of burning fossil fuels, creating a more competitive market for clean energy sources.
Posted 16 June 2017

RIP Jack O'Neill

Jack O’Neill, surfer, ocean lover, boating enthusiast, wetsuit pioneer, balloonist, and founder of the iconic worldwide surf company O’Neill, has passed away in Santa Cruz, California, of natural causes at the age of 94.
Posted 9 June 2017

2018 Jones and Arbor Snowboards are Here!

A little later than we'd hoped, but finally the 2018 boards from Jones and Arbor have arrived. And they all look awesome. Between the 2 brand there is something for everyone and we have a huge range of both.
Posted 16 May 2017

Sammy Luebke - World Freeride Champ in Alaska

Here is a little clip of 2 time World Freeride Champ, Sammy Luebke, shredding some Alaskan steeps.
Posted 9 April 2017

2018 Burton Snowboards have arrived!

We now have most of our Burton snowboards for the winter 2017 season - a lot of which are 'year ahead' 2018 models.
Posted 3 April 2017

Snowboard Sizing - How to buy the right size

To put it simply - easiest way is to come in to NZ Shred and chat with us! Or maybe eve a different decent snowboard store. There are a lot of factors that go into getting the perfect size, but here are some general guidelines. of the different factors, and your height is not number 1!
Posted 29 March 2017


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