Yuki Threads - Sustainability as Priority

All of our materials are thought out and sourced to reduce our impact on the planet and it’s people. We use only organic cotton, certified GOTS and Fairtrade. We use recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles for our synthetics in our outerwear, tech and accessories ranges using Blusesign approved fabrics where possible. You can rest assured every fibre has been considered in our products.
Posted 29 November 2020

Vissla and Sisstrevolution - Eco-friendly surf products

MORE ECO FRIENDLY NEOPRENE. Before designing each wetsuit, Vissla always considers how to make it as eco-friendly as possible.
Posted 27 November 2020

Protect Our Winter - Climate Update November

Posted 15 November 2020

Our Reforestation Project - Yuki Threads

We are stoked to announce that we are now a Seedling Level Partner of Eden Reforestation Projects. What does that mean, you might ask? Well, thanks to your amazing help, we have nearly donated USD10,000.00 to reforestation across 8 countries!! How rad is that?!
Posted 12 November 2020

NZ's First Wave Pool

How wave pool technology can boost New Zealand's contest surfers.
Posted 8 November 2020

Conquering Nazare

Tim Bonython releases new films capturing surfers conquering fears on world's biggest waves.
Posted 8 November 2020

Red Air SUP Durability tests - Epic!

Check out how ridiculously tough the Red Air paddleboards are.
Posted 30 October 2020

Splitboards NZ - Growing fast

Just like every year before the season kicks in we seem to spend a whole lot of time talking about people's new splitboard set-ups.
Posted 29 April 2020

Ready for selling under Level 3

We are now officially in Level 3 which means we are able to dispatch your websales and organise your click & collect purchases.
Posted 28 April 2020

Operating on Level 3 Lockdown

So it seems that we have to keep hibernating for just a little longer. However the move to Level 3 means we will be able to trade for click and collect purchases or sending gear out from the website, or from orders you have discussed with us via email.
Posted 20 April 2020


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