Never Summer Funslinger 2020 - 156cm

Never Summer Funslinger 2020 - 156cm


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Never Summer is all about fun slinging and this asymmetrical twin is ready to sling some fun! The asymmetrical Funslinger features a deeper heelside sidecut combined with the Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile. This board has a soft flex, crazy bite for amazing freestyle performance with a snappier feel. X - Wide version of the original


Coextruded polymer topsheet
Ripsaw rocker camber
Extended transition area
Power grip sidecut
Early rise nose
STS pre-tensioned fibreglass
Bi lite fibreglass
Press flex wood core
FDS Dampening
Elastomeric underfoot stabilisers
Harmonic tip-tail damper


Region Amount
Australia $150.00
International $0.00
North Island, New Zealand $20.00
South Island, New Zealand $15.00
Collect In-store $0.00

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Never Summer

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