Volcom makes the top 12 - sustainable fashion brands

Coming in ahead of brands such as Patagonia, Volcom are pushing sustainable manufacturing prcatices, both in terms of environmentally friendly materials such as Reprieve, econyl and organic cotton, but also with supply chain management with their'Farm to Yarn' project.

Skate, surf and snowboarding brand Volcom has been quietly shifting toward more sustainable practices in recent years, introducing better fiber sourcing and advocating for the natural spaces its customers love. Most recently, Volcom and its parent company, Kering, partnered with the social enterprise CottonConnect to track 27 tons of organic cotton from farm to garment.

The traceability project will form a proof of concept for Farm to Yarn, a socially conscious raw materials initiative that traces organic cotton back to the farm and provides social and education programs for the Indian farming villages where the cotton is sourced. “Partnership has been the key word used to describe the success of this launch,” Big Tony Alvarez, Volcom’s VP of global compliance and supply chain, said in a statement. “Without good partners on the ground, a program like this rarely stands a chance.”

Posted 15 April 2019

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