Ronan's Season Round-up

Over the past winter season, I competed in my first New Zealand Junior Freeride tour.

After enduring 3 concussion last season I made the decision to quit competitive slopestyle and halfpipe riding after training in the field for 5 years. This decision lead me to choose to give freeriding a go.


The first competition was held at the Remarkables, the venue was pretty overwhelming. But gave me insight into the scene of the competitive freeriding. I found that it was a lot more relaxed than a slopestyle competition. The competition consisted of one judged run which was composed only by visual inspection, very different to a slopestyle run. Where usually you get a physical inspection and are allowed two runs. But luckily after landing a couple good drops and a cleanish run I managed to come away with a 1st in U18 snowboard division.


The second comp of the tour was held at the infamous mount Olympus, which is known for its dire nutcrackers. The venue was a lot shorter than the Remarkable course which deemed it too be a 2* event; 2* means you are rewarded with fewer points to go towards the overall ranking I landed a solid run and was presented with another 1st at Olympus stop.


The last comp of the tour was held at Turoa. We flew up for the event the day before to go up the mountain for course inspection. On the day of the comp, it was a beautiful weather but the had frozen over the night and struggled to release in the strong winds. The comp was postponed to the next day, which turned out to be a cracker of a day. The field this was a bit bigger than the last comps which made the competition a bit more nerve-racking. I dropped and landed my run and managed to come away with a final 1st at the Ruapehu stop.


After the comps, I was named the overall champion, which was a huge success for me after coming back from injury and I have now been invited to become an athlete on the NZ Junior Freeride team and have recently just been invited to the world champs held in Kappl, Austria. NZ shred has been a huge sponsor and support for me over the years and has really helped me get me where I am now with there continuous help. Thanks, heaps Jon and Jase.

Posted 12 January 2019

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