POW Feb Update

Kia Ora Koutou!

Happy summer everyone! When your back from your biking/climbing or surfing catch up on our latest edition of climate news and action.

We might be into the second month of 2020, but here at POW NZ we’re far from finished giving you fresh new years resolutions to get stuck into. In this edition of our newsletter, we’ll be talking about the arrival of POW Europe, environmentally conscious Kiwisaver options and better commutes. 

Remember climate action is important all year round so we can protect our summers as well as our winters. 

INVESTMENTING RESPONSIBLY - Put your Kiwisaver to work for the planet

Despite economic performance, investment potential is now heavily influenced by the environmental, ethical, and even political actions of a company. When it comes to Kiwisaver accounts it's sometimes hard to know where you are investing and easy to turn a blind eye to it.
As the need to address climate change in a meaningful way becomes more dire, we can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to where our money ends up. Investment is an incredibly powerful tool to communicate to companies that economic performance is no longer enough. Society expects them to protect the planet and to operate ethically and sustainably. To make sure your money is becoming part of the solution and not the problem you can use this link to read up on some of Kiwi Saver’s options for socially responsible funds. If you decide to change your Kiwisaver fund to one that doesn't invest in fossil fuels make sure you tell them why!

POW Europe

The end of January saw POW founder, Jeremy Jones (pictured below, arrive in Europe to discuss the birth of POW Europe at ISPO Munich, a huge Snowsports trade show. Here at POW NZ, we currently stand as one of eight chapters based outside of the US working hard to deliver climate action according to localised targets. As the newest edition to the POW family, POW Europe hopes to amalgamate the hard work of the many chapters such as POW France, POW Norway and POW Austria and align climate action under one broader network. Working according to the 2020 Strategic Plan Europe, the members of POW Europe will be activating campaigns and policy action on behalf of the new branch from this year to forward global climate protection. POW NZ is making their annual action plan based partly on the POW Europe plan.

Posted 6 February 2020

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