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Ever wondered how all those trees are doing that you've helped us plant? Well we have a little summary here of what your orders from Little Difference are doing to help people and the planet.

We often get asked why we plant trees in Madagscar and not New Zealand.

Although we do need more native trees here in New Zealand, the deforestation in Madagascar is a serious ecological disaster where 90% of their forests have been destroyed.

This deforestation has had catastrophic effects on the country, lowering rainfall and taking away the Malagasy’s ability to grow food, causing starvation and desperation. Entire forests are gone, leaving the bare earth to wash in to the estuaries and fill up the shallow waters, killing marine wildlife and depleting fish stocks.

The replanting of native trees in Madagascar for permanent reforestation reverses all of this. By employing the local people to plant the trees, it pulls them out of poverty, educating them and future generations on how to restore the ecosystem. This has such an incredibly positive effect on the country, both environmentally and socially.
This in turn helps the planet as a whole and helps us to create the biggest difference we can with the resources we have.

help people and the planet.


Posted 22 March 2020

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