Eco-True: Living in an Eco-Friendly Age

“It’s not easy … being Green”. Did Greta say that? Or, was it someone else, well before her time? Either way, they were right. It’s not Easy, but it is certainly Doable!

In the age of sustainability, re-use, up-cycling and zero-waste, you can sometimes get lost in the good and the bad - what’s truly impact driven and what is simply a plausible effort to skew consumers thoughts. We all want to do the right thing, to make a difference … but, to what extent. Should we go vegan? Should we stop using detergents? Should we just wash less? At what point is the answer itself sustainable? The fact of the matter is, shouldn’t we just ‘start by making an effort’.

In Retail, we are both ‘Cause and Effect’ … we turn on lights, stock arrives in single use plastic, we subscribe to shipments which see product sent from all around the world. However, we try to create opportunity and facilitate solutions, which are both passed on from, and to the brands we deal with.

From a shop point of view, we try to be tangible – we are changing our lighting to LED based fittings. We are eliminating outgoing plastic satchel courier bags, replaced with re-used or repurposed packaging, with just the tracking sticker. And, we’ve banned all staff from using throw away coffee cups (Yes, we had to provide everyone with their own re-useable cups … and we were happy to!). On a brand scale, at this very moment, we are in a relationship with Volcom … to enhance and encourage the consumption of their “Eco-True” products. These are everything from:

  • enzyme washed jeans, saving litres of wasted water, through to
  • boardshorts made from repreve, which is a fibre product created from plastic bottles, to
  • bikinis & rashtops made from econyl, a product created from recycling nylon fish nets.

Certainly, we are not the only ones pushing change and brands like Volcom are not the only ones facilitating it. It’s a Team Effort and we all need to be part of the Push For Change.

It’s not easy being green – it takes effort, commitment and a desire to be better at what we do. And, certainly better than we’ve been in the past.

Who did say “It’s not easy, being Green” … Yep, good old Kermit-the-Frog!

“No! Try not! Do, or do not! There is no Try!

Maybe He and Yoda did know a thing or two!!!

Posted 25 November 2019

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