Sad Days

Suicide. Quite bizarrely the New Zealand Press recently went through a cycle of not talking or reporting on Suicides. It is actually an epidemic amongst Kiwi males. The idea about not reporting or tackling the subject publicly was that any talk of suicide highlighted the action and any focus on it would simply draw those inclined to it as a possibility.
Posted 27 September 2018

Globe - An unsung hero

Globe unfairly gets a little overlooked as a brand in store, and yet despite that we stock a huge range of their skateboards, shoes and apparel. So here is a little about the brand.
Posted 14 September 2018

Weekend's to do list

What are you doing today? Here's what: 1- getting into the store to grab a bargain in our sale. 30-40% off winter product. 2- Get to World Bar aroud 7pm for the ProtectOurWinters film night.
Posted 9 September 2018

Stash Gathering - This Saturday

10th year running, this year's Burton Stash Gathering should be a special one.
Posted 6 September 2018


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