Snowboard Sizing - How to buy the right size

To put it simply - easiest way is to come in to NZ Shred and chat with us! Or maybe eve a different decent snowboard store. There are a lot of factors that go into getting the perfect size, but here are some general guidelines. of the different factors, and your height is not number 1!
Posted 29 March 2017

Eivy Clothing - Unbored Onboard

Tired of getting all cold while riding? Tired of those dull black or navy base layers out there? Tired of carrying loads of stuff on your adventures?
Posted 25 March 2017

Rome Snowboards - One Storm Movie

There are days that will live in infamy for years to come. Days that validate our very existence, weather patterns that haunt our dreams and inform all our decisions. These are the reasons that we are all amateur meteorologists, obsess over the gear, scour terrain and ride side hits in our minds’ eye as we drive to the hill.
Posted 24 March 2017

Climate Activism at Burton Open

Climate Activism with Protect Our Winters at the Burton US Open
Posted 23 March 2017

Wewood watch giveaway

We are giving away a WeWOOD Watch to a lucky follower, thanks to @wewoodnz! Check the article for details.
Posted 15 March 2017

Inequality of Income

Income and wealth aren’t the only things that matter for a good life and people’s ability to pursue their dreams and participate in society. But they do make a big difference to the kinds of lives people can lead. Inequality of income in most parts of the world has been continuously growing over recent years. In many countries it is now around the same as the late 1920s, just before the economic crash known as the Great Depression.
Posted 15 March 2017

Nitro Snowboards dominate the X Games

Here are some results from the X-Games Norway event - Big Air. The venue was sold out and Nitro had a great presence with 5 riders in the finals Silje Norendal representing the ladies, and Seb Toots, Marcus Cleveland, Torgeir Bergrem, and Sven Thorgren.
Posted 15 March 2017

Latest Zones Episode

Here is the latest Zones Episode from Hamish Bourke. Some great filming and riding from a bunch a QT dirt shredders.
Posted 10 March 2017

Winter 2017 - Getting prepared

At NZ SHRED, its winter all year round. With the increase in traffic going for a Northern Hemisphere snow holiday, over the last couple of years we have started to keep winter stock arriving all year round.
Posted 8 March 2017


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