Into The Mind - The trailer for Sherpas Cinema's next movie

  After All.I.Can., Sherpas Cinema’s breakout film, which won Movie of the Year at the 2012 POWDER Awards, we were left wondering if they’d be able to live up to their self-created hype. When they produced their follow-up movie, would it have the same impact? Looks like they’re going to be just fine. The trailer for Into The Mind, their next...
Posted 15 February 2014

This Is Now - Short Film

Jetpilot would like to share with you the highly anticipated release of "This Is Now" please take a look and if you could please share on your social media and websites for us that would be amazing. We want to really get the message out to the mainstream about this amazing sport that is highly underrated worldwide. We have tried to capture the life...
Posted 10 February 2014


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