In support of KASM (Kiwis Against Seabed Mining), pro surfer & activist David Rastovich, intends to paddle 350km from Taranaki to Piha west of Auckland, New Zealand over two-weeks beginning Nov16th to draw awareness to issues to do with proposed seabed mining. Rastovich, a co-founder of global group "Surfers for Cetaceans" (S4C), will unite ...
Posted 27 November 2012

"A Hoe" Coastal Paddle

  FOLLOW DAVE RASTOVICH'S JOURNEY FROM CAPE TARANAKI TO PIHA On Friday, 16th November, pro surfer and activist, Dave Rastovich, will begin a daunting 350km sea-paddle from Cape Taranaki to Piha to draw awareness to the threatened stretch of coast. “This campaign is about awareness and education and supporting the great work of community based gr...
Posted 21 November 2012

"Standing Room Only NZ" Magazine - Issue 3

FREE FREE FREE - Issue 3 Standing Room Only NZ is primarily focused on: Providing consumer information - highlighting companies involved with the sport in New Zealand and their services, equipment and products, Showcasing paddling destinations throughout New Zealand, Profiling the country’s internationally recognised paddlers, Encouraging increa...
Posted 19 November 2012


We are fully stocked stocked up with Oakley. Two large cabinets full of sunglasses, one full of snow and dirt goggles, an Oakley Concept area and more product all over the store. We still haven't finished unpacking all of the new summer clothing or new sunglasses including new style such as the Big Taco, Garage Rock or the Heaven Collection. As soo...
Posted 15 November 2012

Lonely Morning - Serenity in Byron Bay

The smooth surfer Jorgelina "Lina" Reyero hails from a small town on the Atlantic Coast of Argentina. She's spent the last 6 years wandering the world with her surfboard in tow and has wound up near the beautiful Wategos Beach. Last month, she mounted a little camera to the nose of her log and captured the beauty of an empty surf. Locally based pro...
Posted 13 November 2012

Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand

  Under The Weather is a new surf film by Damon Meade, set to drop December 2012. The film has been shot entirely in New Zealand, taking a journey from the far North to the deep South and many places in between. Along for the ride are top Kiwi surfers Maz Quinn, Ricardo Christie, Bobby Hansen, Johnny Hicks, Luke Cederman, Billy Stairmand and frien...
Posted 13 November 2012

An Inspiration - Cam Irwin

A look into the inspirational life of Tasmanian, Cam Irwin and what it takes for him to get stoked. Cam gives us a brief background on how he got to where he is today, and shows us how its done, surfing around the breaks of Tasmania. For WaveJet Supported by Jet Pilot and Polaris Music by Flume For WaveJet Supported by Jet Pilot and Polaris Music ...
Posted 11 November 2012

Down Hill Southern Series - Round 4 - Queenstown

A little clip from Round 4 of the Down Hill Southern Series up the Gondola, Queenstown. ...
Posted 8 November 2012

Pepping - A FREE Movie from the Team at LOBSTER

  Sexual Snowboarding gives you: Pepping! Eiki Helgason, Halldór Helgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, Kareem El Rafie, Leo Crawford, Ethan Morgan, Tor Lundström, Risto Roukola, Tony Kerkela, Eero Ettala, Fredu Sirviö and the all mighty open part where the followers got the opportunity to send in their banging shots from this season! Thank...
Posted 1 November 2012


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